How to Start an Online Business: The Beginner’s Guide

Online Business is my thing: I’ve been building websites, software, apps and businesses for over 20 years. I say with confidence that the majority of the so called “start an online business in [3/5/10/etc] easy steps” articles and programs will not help beginners in getting started. They will make too many mistakes and not get results
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The Best Books on Investment ever written

The Best Investing Books Ever Written (2017 Edition)

I’ve read over 100 books on investing. To be frank, most of them were a complete waste of time. Most investment books will not stand the test of time, they are gimmicky, empty, or simply looking at historical data and inferring (incorrectly) that these strategies will work in the future. So called “back-testing”. Any such
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How to Invest Money: Wisdom from the Greatest Investors of All Time

How to Invest Money: Timeless Advice From The Greatest Investors

When I wanted to learn how to invest money, I turn to the absolute best investors of all time. Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Benjamin Graham, Phil Fisher, David Dodd, to name a few. I’ve been an investor and online entrepreneur over 15 years and experienced huge bubbles and massive panics in many asset classes; from the stock market,
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Stock Picks: Advice on How to Pick Stocks

So you want to be a great stock picker, naturally you googled “Stock Picks” and came across my website. You are lucky you came here, and not to some other website. The fact that you are googling How to Pick Stocks, What stocks to buy, best stock picks, etc – is proof that you should
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The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

“The Intelligent Investor” by Benjamin Graham

“The Intelligent Investor”: The Definitive Book on Value Investing. By Benjamin Graham A Book Summary & Review by Barry Deen (PDF | Audiobook) If you ask Warren Buffett, the world’s most successful investor: “What one book is most responsible for your success?” or “What is the single best book on investing?” Again and again, he will
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How to Buy and Sell Websites Safely and Profitably

Forget flipping houses. Let’s talk about flipping websites. If you’re looking to buy or sell a website, read on if you want to make some serious coin. Why do people buy and sell websites? There are many valid reasons why someone may want to sell a great a website. They enjoy creating, but not maintaining websites. They
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